I got soul, but I'm not a soldier: Erica 2020

…and i know what you meant by that
but, but
i don’t understand why you’d think it
it’s supposed to be a compliment
you see, Erica…
it reminds me why i’m different

so really
do you have any idea what trans looks like?
i think i just fail to meet the set of stereotypes you have in your head
and besides
the fact that i fit your expectations of a cis person
but you…
means that you need to change and question
your voice
your perceptions of what it means to be trans
your face
because we come in more kinds and shapes
i mean, your mannerisms…
than they told you about in that true selves book
i just can’t see you as a boy
or in your therapist’s office
i just don’t see you as trans
because when you do you’re telling me how you see me…

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